Vietnam Trip Day 2 : Train Journey From Da Nang To Hue

Da Nang To Hue In 96 Seconds

Train journey in Central Vietnam from Da Nang to Hue on the 6th of August 2011. Both videos (above and below) were created using the 571 photographs I took between Da Nang to Hue in a span of about 3 hours. The one above is just 96 seconds long. The second video captures more details and is under 10 minutes long.

Da Nang To Hue In Under 10 Minutes

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5 thoughts on “Vietnam Trip Day 2 : Train Journey From Da Nang To Hue

  1. Hi,
    Since you took the train ride from Danang to Hue, please advise if it is doable to visit Hue with train ride from and back to Danang with our cruise ship arriving 10 am leaving 20 pm same day. Of course we are advised to return to ship 2 hours before it departs. Thanks.

  2. There are only 5 or 6 trains that run each day between Da Nang and Hue.
    Referring to the north bound and south bound timetables on and based on the arrival time of your cruise, the earliest north bound train you can get would be the SE2 which departs Da Nang at 12:06 reaching Hue at 14:48. The earliest south bound train you can get would be the SE7 which departs Hue at 19:12 reaching Da Nang at 21:41.

    Given that your cruise arrives at Da Nang around 10am and departs by 8pm, I would not suggest Hue on this trip.

    You can consider a short trip to Hoi An though. You should be able to find taxis from where you disembark at Da Nang. It is best to negotiate the price of a taxi. Do not take a metered cab as they charge much more. We paid around VND 400000 taking a metered cab from Da Nang airport to Hoi An. In comparison, we paid only USD 15 (roughly equivalent to VND 300000 at the time) for a minivan (arranged by our hotel) on our return leg from Hoi An to Da Nang train station.

    As for the choice of taxi, I have read elsewhere that Mailinh (green bottom white top) is quite good. This thread on the Lonely Planet forum might also be helpful.

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